Blood Gorgons

A review on the last book in the ‘Bastion Wars’ series.

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2 Responses to Blood Gorgons

  1. Kasey Culp says:

    Most deffinately with you on the way he throw pointless plots/characters/ spin offs ect. and deffinately wouldn’t recommend the book unless further knowledge of the Chaos (I.E. reading though a tabletop codex whether it be 40K or Fantasy to get a idea of the Chaos god and Lore). I liked the way you kinda simplified the culture of the Blood Gorgons seeing as they are a crucial part of the Chaos. I could advise that you kinda point a lil more context fo background on Muhr seeing as being in the end one of the main antagonists especially seeing as he is a Chaos himself. But in the long run you did the best I could imagine to explain this specific book in the series and can’t wait to see the next in your reviewing career!

    • Cocolito says:

      I’ll take your advise to heart. I did simplify alot, mainly to keep away from spoilers but also to keep the run time on the video down. I know I can drone on from time to time but I am trying out a few techniques to help organize my reviews better, so lets see how things turn out.

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