The 13th Legion

This is my first try at a review so try to bare with the poor audio/video quality.  Let me know what you like/dislike in the comments and I’ll consider them for future reviews.  Thanks for watching.

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7 Responses to The 13th Legion

  1. Kasey Culp says:

    I think your views on the Penal Legion were quite accurate, definitively on the part of Lt. Kage my views only differ to the part that I say he is the untouchable warrior of the Emperor. He is really good at what he was born to do (i.e. Kill) and should be something like a Commisar at all times, minus the whole “The Emperor loves you types of speech.”. I would also agree on the part of the way Thrope filled those chapters with random battles and could of tackled it better. In anyterms I enjoyed your review and look forward to seeing others.

    • Cocolito says:

      Although the Kage character is a bit of a Mary Sue, he always seemed like the likable Mary Sue, very similar to Ash from the Army of Darkness movie. The kind of guy who’s a complete Bad*** but has such bad luck that he gets put into really bad situations.

  2. Karunashi Soshi says:

    Interesting review. I think the synopsis is pretty good since I haven’t touched the book before. I’ll definitely look into the book since your words has compelled me to look into trilogy. I’m looking forward to your next few videos you have online and will definitely keep this blog bookmarked for future reference. Hoping to go to Barnes and Noble and grabbing a copy as soon as possible :P.

    Any suggestions on a good book that has to do with Iron Warriors and/or Tyranids? I can’t imagine someone writing a story of the Tyranids as the main focus.

    • Cocolito says:

      While I have not read this book yet, there is an Omnibus of the Iron Warriors called “Iron Warriors: Omnibus”. As far as the Tyranids go, I’ve never seen or heard of a book that centers around them other then just an enemy force to be killed by the main characters. They’ve always been the cannon-fodder enemy (along with my beloved Ork army >< )in any book I have read.

      • Karunashi Soshi says:

        I think I have one book from the Iron Warriors: Omnibus, and will likely go get to reading it (I’m piled up on my reading queue XD). I was wondering if from the wide selection of books that consists of Tyranids, which one really made them seem menacing? I’d like some suggestions if you have any, and it’s truly unfortunate that they never really focused through the perspective of the enemies of humankind. Out of pure curiosity, why do you love the Ork army? I’ve always liked to hear why other people love their races.

        • Cocolito says:

          The only books I’ve read that really had the Tyranids as the main enemy were pretty bad books (and you’ll have to wait a few weeks for those reviews). As for the orks, when I first started to play Warhammer 40k I wanted a horde type army (I always play those in any strategy game). Between all of the horde armies, the orks were, well, the funniest. I love the fact that they’re the most powerful psykers in the universe but just don’t know it. I love how they’re just as dangerous to themselves as to their enemies. And I love how everyone always underestimates them and is surprised when they do something cunning (you’ll see in my future reviews).

  3. Karunashi Soshi says:

    Ah, I see. Well I’m definitely looking forward to those upcoming reviews :D. That’s a pretty nice reasoning behind your love for the Orks. Never knew they were the most powerful psykers XD. I definitely do underestimate them every time I encounter them in Dawn of War series (I/II) and sometimes even from the books I do own. Sometimes they seem very menacing but I’ve never seen them do anything cunning so I’ll definitely be looking out for that in your upcoming reviews (if you do bring it up). I personally got into Chaos because they just looked badass. At first it was the demons that attracted me to that faction, but then I got drawn to the Iron Warriors (lol no real demon army) after looking over each legion. Who doesn’t want an army of Obliterators and Land Raiders!?

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